M/S. Dynamic Security And Detective Agency Pvt. Ltd. (Dynamic Group)

Dynamic was established in 1979 by its founder Chairman and Managing Director Mr. R.S. Saini with the sole objective of providing quality and world class Security and Investigation Services to its valued clients.

Our Security Services:

Dynamic offers all types of integrated and world class Guarding Services, VIP Security and Protection, Bodyguards, Bouncers, Escorts, Gunman, Dogs Squads, Fire Fighting, Rescue Operations, Industrail safety and Damage Control services, etc.


An extensive in-house talent pool comprising of high caliber and dedicated individuals, most of them drawn from Defense and Police Forces, provides the client with cutting edge and customized solutions for his Security and Investigation requirements.

Our well trained, experienced and able bodied Security Personnel provide an effective shield against trespassers, burglars and vandals and therefore hiring our services serves as a big deterrent to ward off mischief mongers and undesirable elements gaining access to our client's establishments.

As a orgainzation, we accept full responsibility for the conduct, behaviour and overall performance of our employees.

Dynamic collaborates with Senior Defense, Police, Fire Brigade and Civil Defense Officers, Medical and Legal Professionals, various Government and important Industrial Organizations and many other Professional Bodies to formulate a comprehensive strategy for providing most efficient and cost effective services to its clients.

Electronic Gadgetry:

Depending upon client’s requirement and exigencies of the situation, modern Security, Safety, Fire Prevention and Detection electronic equipments are deployed. Our Security Personnel are fully trained in the usage and upkeep of such equipment.

Selection of our staff:

Utmost care is taken in recruitment of our personnel. We have our own prescribed standards as regards education, age, physical fitness and their background etc. All employees are subjected to vigorous vetting. We have an antecedents verification cell of our own which is solely responsible for verification and background checks. Apart from our own internal checking system, our employees are also subjected to police verification before posting them at our client’s premises. We engage experienced, disciplined and well-built Personnel drawn from Armed Forces, Paramilitary and Police Forces and well built and trained Civilians.

Training of our staff:

We have our own In House Training Department which imparts both theoretical as well as physical and practical training to all our Personnel in the areas of Industrial Security, Safety, Fire prevention, First-Air, Fire Fighting, Rescue Operations, Self Defense, use and maintenance of Security, Safety and Fire Fighting equipments etc. Imparting training and skill up gradation is an ongoing process which keeps our employees fully equipped with the latest developments in the profession. On the job training and fire fighting drills are organized at client's premisis on regular basis.

Supervision and control:

The hall mark of our success is proper control and supervision. In order to provide quality service to our clients, we realize the importance of close and constant supervision. Therefore, we maintain a large and strong Operational Team consisting of Operations Managers, Field Officers and Patrolling Supervisors at all our establishments, who constantly and regularly visit our clients premises to monitor the working of our staff and also liaise with the clients and attend to their concerns, most expeditiously. We also maintain well equipped FLYING SQUADS to attend to any unforseen and emergency situations.
An ever growing list of reputed national and international clientele is an ample testimony to our hard work and commitment.

Our Investigation and Detection Services:

Apart from Security and Safety aspects of our operations, we are also engaged in the business of Investigation and Detection in a big way. We carry out all types of Investigations both nationally and internationally.

Our Investigators and Sleuths are drawn from Intelligence wings of Armed Forces and Intelligence and Detection wings of State and Central Agencies who have the right training and know how for carrying out all types of discreet and result oriented investigations to help our clients in solving their personal, professional and legal problems.

We have our Associates spread across the Globe and therefore we can effectively and efficiently handle International cases also.

Following are some of the areas of our specialization:

Pre/Post employment verification.
Pre-Matrimonial verification.
Matrimonial Discord and related verifications.
Spurious products.
Infringement of copy rights.
Investigation and Detection of all types of frauds.
Intelligence gathering during industrial strife.
Prevention and Detection of Industrial spying.
Keeping Tab on disgruntled elements.
Prevention and detection of Industrial espionage and sabotage etc.
Tracing missing persons.
Recovery of loans and other legal dues.
Finding details of mortgaged and pledged properties etc.
Any other specific assignment as per client's requirement.