M/S Dynamic Security And Industrial Relations Consultants (Dynamic Group)

M/S Dynamic Security And Industrial Relations Consultants provides Consultancy Services to our clients in the areas of Labor and Industrial laws including Industrial Relations and dealing with Trade Unions. Depending upon client’s requirement our advocates can represent them in various forums including Labor courts, Tribunals, and High Courts. The 2nd major activity of this company is to carry out comprehensive Security Surveys to assess the Security requirements of clients who wish to improve and employ their own Security Personnel. We also design Security Policy, Procedures, systems and control mechanisms etc for ensuring efficient and effective security coverage.

We can also assist the client in recruiting and training the right security personnel at various levels.

Consultancy Services:

Our consulting services focus on our clients' most critical issues and opportunities in strengthening the existing industrial relations and security setup. We bring deep, functional expertise and are known for our holistic perspective. We capture value across boundaries and between the silos of any organization. We have proven a multiplier effect from optimizing the sum of the parts, not just the individual pieces.

Industrial Relations and Labour Laws:

The goal of labor laws is to optimize the bargaining power between employers and employees to their mutual benefits. The laws primarily deal with the relationship between employers and unions. Labor laws grant employees the right to unionize and allow employers and employees to engage in bargaining so as to have their respective demands fulfilled to their mutual satisfaction.

We as Industrial Relations Consultants have in depth expertise and experience in current labor law matters, ranging from labor-management relations to fair employment practices in all types of organisations.

Industrial Law relates to the laws governing industrial enterprises. These can include a wide range of legal topics, from employment laws to environmental concerns, contracts, industrial relations, and worker safety regulations. Industries vary widely and the policies for each one is as unique as the business to which it relates.

Industrial laws encompass the massive compilation of statutory labor welfare laws, administrative rulings, and legal precedents which cover all facets of the employer-employee relationship.

Industrial peace is a key for sustained achievement of an organization’s objectives. To achieve this, an organization must develop the appropriate industrial relations strategies, plans, programs, policies, systems and procedures. Our Industrial Relations Consultants provide professional advice and know how to client’s Line Managers and senior staff to acquire requisite skills and competencies to effectively deal with workers and trade unions. We also assist the managements in negotiating and signing long term agreements with trade unions and workers associations.

In short, our Industrial Relations Services aim to assist organizations in developing and maintaining industrial peace as also to comply with the statutory provisions.

Security Survey:

Our Security Consultants carry out comprehensive Security Surveys of our clients premises to assess the deficiencies and loopholes in their existing security setup and make recommendations to plug the same. Our Consultants have requisite technical expertise and vast experience in all facets of Industrial Security Management and most of them are retired senior officers from Armed Forces, Para Military Forces and Police services.

The major thrust areas of our surveys are:

Perception and Risk Analysis
Designing integrated Security Plans and policies
Fire Protection and Response Scheme
Security and Fire Gadgetry
Selection and integration of man and machine
Access control and Gate Pass system and procedures
Crisis Management and Damage Control Schemes
Selection and Training of Security Personnel
Civil Defense Measures to meet war / Military conflict situations
The Procedures and Systems to execute the various recommendations